Be Responsible!

Playing games of chance should be fun! It offers the excitement of taking a risk in order to win. A responsible player understands the risk associated with playing games of chance; the risk of losing. To be a responsible player, it is essential to set limits for your losses. Playing games of chance is an entertainment cost and should be part of your disposable income. When your “fun” money is exhausted, it’s time to stop playing.

Know When Not to Gamble

Sometimes it’s just not a good idea to gamble. If you find yourself in the following situations or experiencing these emotions, don’t do it.
When in recovery from compulsive/pathological gambling, or from other addictions such as chemical or alcohol dependency.
When gambling is going to interfere with your work or personal responsibilities.
When the form of gambling is illegal.
When it’s prohibited by an organizational or employee policy.
When trying to make a “quick buck” or to make up for gambling loss.
When feeling lonely, angry, depressed or under stress.
When coping with the death or the loss of a loved one.
When trying to solve personal or family problems.
When trying to impress others.